Deed of the Year 2018 awarded for Suomen roolipeliseura.

Established in the summer of 2017, Suomen roolipeliseura (“Finnish role-playing game association” or SRS) helps role-playing game enthusiasts from all over Finland connect with each other. It has rounded up all the previously scattered information and resources necessary for being actively involved in the role-playing scene, such as finding people to play with, into one place. SRS also launched Games on Demand, a concept for producing small scale role-playing games for conventions. Other projects by SRS include finding out what needs people have for networking and interacting with other role-playing game enthusiasts. Another one is Alfacon, a gaming event aimed at those interested in developing tabletop role-playing in Finland. SRS supports projects developing all forms of role-playing games, including tabletop RPGs, LARPs, freeform games and text based RPGs.

– Receiving the Deed of the Year award feels heartwarming and encouraging, but it also feels like a challenge – one which we are thankful to take on, says Nuppu Soanjävi, chairperson of the association.

– Our work at SRS has only just begun and will in probably never be finished. The full credit  for all we have achieved so far has to go to our active members working both on our projects as well as in the administration – with this team, even the sky is not the limit! This first year of SRS has already proved the power of collaboration. Bringing together people who are active in different parts of Finnish the role-playing game scene, who are enthusiastic about various forms of role-playing games and are working on different projects while providing them with opportunities to brainstorm together yields really brilliant ideas. Although Finland is a small country and almost everyone in the scene attends Ropecon, there is a need for a connective entity like SRS that could bring all of these different contributors together. The Deed of the Year award is an awesome acknowledgement of what we do at SRS.

The logo of Suomen roolipeliseura

The Deed of the Year

The Deed of the Year award is given out annually for a laudable project, action, publication or other significant contribution in the field of non-digital games. The first Award was given out at Ropecon 2014. In 2018 the Deed of the Year is awarded by the role-playing game convention Ropecon and The Finnish Museum of Games.

Past recipients of the Deed of the Year award

2014: Milla Impola
Organizer of the “Voimavirtaa larppauksesta” project, a larp for people with severe disabilities.

2015: Laura Sirola
Designer of the Finnish LARP calendar.

2016: Ilona Lamminen
Author of the thesis “Noppia ja sanataidetta: roolipelikerho kirjastossa”, designing a guide for public libraries on how to start a role-playing game club.

2017: Niina Niskanen
Safer larping – A package of materials to combat and prevent harassment.