If you happen to be an artistic soul, you are welcome to bring along your artwork and showcase it in the Ropecon Art Exhibition!

We accept artworks from all genres and techniques, as long as the piece can be placed and showcased in a gallery-like space. The artwork can depict the role-playing scene, this year’s theme (“Chaos and Order”) or just be something that might feel at home at Ropecon.

We offer you a space in the gallery for showcasing your artwork, and if you wish to do so, you can also place your artwork for sale during the exhibition. There will also be a competition for all pieces showcased in the Art Exhibition, with rewards such as gift vouchers. Please note that participating in the Art Exhibition does not warrant a free entry to the event.

Register by Sunday 17th

You can register your artwork to the exhibition by email via taidenayttely@ropecon.fi, preferably before Sunday 17th of July. Please include in your registration email the measurements of your artwork, as well as either a picture or a sketch of your artwork. If you do not wish to participate in the competition, please notify us in your email. If you have any additional requests concerning the exhibition or showcasing your artwork, please include them in the email as well.

Please note:

  • Since there is only limited space available at the gallery, the organizers may have to limit the number of artwork participating in the exhibition. Results of the selection process and confirmation of participation will be sent to the artists at least one week before the event. If you need to confirm your participation earlier, for example in order to finish the piece in time or make reservations to attend the event, you can send us an inquiry about your results via email.
  • Visitors of all ages are welcome to Ropecon and entry to the Art Exhibition area is not restricted. Please refrain from depicting explicit sexual content and graphic violence in your artwork. If you are not sure if your artwork is suitable for all visitors, do not hesitate to contact us in advance.
  • All artwork should be brought to the gallery before the doors open for the public on Friday, and removed by the artists themselves on Sunday after the convention ends. Exceptions can be made, however, if the organizers are notified well in advance.