Every year a theme is chosen for Ropecon by its organisers. A committee that is responsible for organising the convention, also called a conittee, chooses the theme from a number of suggestions during one of their conittee meetings. The purpose of the theme is to give each year’s convention a sense of identity and provide inspiration for program organisers as they plan their program. At its best, a theme can inspire people to write new games, create art and find innovative topics for their presentations.

The theme for Ropecon 2019 is mythology. Mythology can be defined as a set of myths or stories of the gods, a collection of intertwined stories that are used to explain the world. Mythologies conjure up images of gods and heroes as well as the origins of ancient peoples, societies and cultures lost in time. Ancient mythologies in our own world enrichen literature and inspire game worlds, while mythologies in fictional worlds provide them with a sense of realism and deeper history.

On the other hand, mythology can also mean the study of myths. Program at Ropecon often examines the different inspirations behind games, game worlds and characters. By telling stories we bring new life to myths and move the story forward, reinterpreting it and making it our own in the process.

We hope that this year’s theme offers an inspiring viewpoint on Ropecon. Feel free to get inspired by the theme while planning your presentation, larp, artwork, game or cosplay – or just come and see how myths and mythologies are represented in the program of Ropecon. There will surely be plenty of inspiring and fun program about mythology featured at this year’s convention – along with all the other things Ropecon has to offer every year!

Main organisers of Ropecon 2019