After a couple unusual years the miniature painting contest is again held on site at Ropecon. Come measure your painting skills with other miniature painters!

Registration for the competition happens at the game counter and is open from Friday to Saturday afternoon. It is not possible to register for the competition in advance. Prizes and handover of the submitted works will take place on Sunday. As competition entries may have to be moved around, it is recommended that they’d be easily transferable.

This year, judging will also make a comeback. If you are an experienced miniature painter and would like to be a judge of the 2022 miniature painting competition, please contact More information regarding the public voting will be available later.


Competition entries can be submitted between Fri 3pm – Sat 3pm

Entries can be retrieved on Sunday 12pm–5pm

The prizes will be awarded on Sunday (details to be announced)

Competition categories and rules

The miniature can be anything as long as it counts as a miniature and follows the restrictions of the category in which it is submitted. Person, animal, tank or fantasy creature, anything goes.

You can only submit one entry per category, and the best entry in each category will be awarded. On top of this additional awards will be awarded to the People’s Choice, Best in Theme and Best in Show entries. You may enter the competition with older works, except for works that have already won the Ropecon painting competition before.

Category1: Small miniature

Miniatures with a base size of up to 40 mm, including miniatures with a cavalry base. The miniature may have a mount/small vehicle and/or small decorative miniatures (e.g. animals, robots, ghosts, etc.) as long as the miniature itself is in the focus.

  • Examples of acceptable miniatures: most D&D adventure characters, Space Marines, Infinity infantry

Category 2: Large miniature

All miniatures using a base over 40 mm. Otherwise the rules are similar to small miniatures, i.e. a mount/vehicle and small decorative miniatures are allowed.

  • Examples of acceptable miniatures: big dragons, Ghazghkull (8th ed.), Infinity Zeta Unit, tanks, various giant creatures

Category 3: Group

A cohesive group of at least three (3) miniatures. There is no maximum limit, but it would be advisable to keep the number of miniatures moderate.

  • Examples of allowed groups: Kill Team, fantasy football teams, board game miniatures, RPG player character miniatures

Category 4: Open

All works that do not fit into other categories will go into this Category. Busts, dioramas, scale models, Gunpla and other things go into this Category.

Category 5: Juniors

All competitors aged 15 years or younger can enter this separate category. Any single small or large miniature that follows the rules for the small and large categories are accepted in this category. The main focus must be the single miniature, but mounts, small vehicles and small additional figures such as butterflies are allowed. This category is separate and not eligible for the small or large category awards.

Extra Categories

Best in Theme
All entries can in addition to their main category be entered to compete for this award. This year’s theme is “Friendship”, and the piece that best exhibits this theme wins the award.

People’s Choice
The public will be able to reward one of their favorite entries through voting.

Best in Show
On top of all the previous categories, the best entry of the whole competition will be awarded


If you are not sure which category the miniature you have chosen belongs to, you can contact us by e-mail at The entry may be moved to another category if it is considered that it has been submitted to the wrong one.

Note! Although Ropecon’s volunteers strive to treat the miniatures with care, Ropecon is not responsible for any damage to the miniatures not caused by organizers or stolen competition entries. By entering the competition, competitors agree that the work will remain in the open space in the display cases for the night.