How have role-playing games benefited the people working in the game industry? What tools could they provide for both current and future professionals in gaming? How could different game developers learn from each other?

Ropecon CrossGames is a program track exploring the common grounds between digital games and traditional role-playing games. As both types of games share many elements and issues, including participatory narration, how to guide the player, and game design, it does not come as a surprise that many professionals in the game industry have begun their careers through role-playing games.

Ropecon aims to bring together not only the current and future professionals of gaming and game development, but also gaming enthusiasts and hobbyists, as well as anyone interested in game design. Welcome along!

CrossGames 2016

  • Lecture: How to Guide a Player? (FI)
  • Workshop: The Game of Developing a Game (FI)
  • Lecture: Writing for Participation (EN)
  • Lecture: StupidStupidGames (FI)
  • Panel: Passion & the Industry (EN)
  • Panel: Digital vs. Physical (EN)
  • Lecture: The story from the player’s perspective (FI)
  • Panel: Business, Money & Gamers (EN)
  • Extra: Introduction to Roleplay (FI/EN)

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