Main organisers of Ropecon 2018 Kristiina Mannermaa, Emi Maeda, Emilia Hjelm and Eevi Korhonen send their greetings to the attendees of Ropecon and list some of their personal recommendations from this year’s program.

Little over a year ago, an idea took off at Messukeskus Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre. That idea has now reached the atmosphere as this year’s Ropecon, organised by us four, is finally coming true. There is less than a week to go until Ropecon 2018.

From the very beginning, the theme of “life and community” was at the core of Ropecon 2018 for us main organisers. As a hobby, gaming is very much about the community. People are often introduced to gaming by a friend: someone asks you to join them for a game or two, or encourages you to take part in a LARP. Different kinds of communities and associations have also been established around gaming as a hobby. The one behind Ropecon is called Ropecon ry, which in turn has seven other gaming related associations as its members. Many other gaming related associations from all over Finland will also be showcasing their activities at the convention.

Ropecon will once again be packed with hundreds of hours of excellent program featuring different role-playing and gaming related hobbies, suitable for attendees of all ages. It was very difficult to choose our favourites and recommendations from this year’s abundant selection, but we tried our best. Here are our program recommendations for Ropecon 2018:

♥ Hobbyhorse tourney. Everyone has ridden a hobbyhorse once, but how many can say they have fought for honour in a hobbyhorse tourney? The tourney will be held at the Hall 3 foam weapon fighting area on Saturday from 2 pm to 6 pm.

Guest of Honour Alex Roberts and other game designers discuss the game design scene from a woman’s perspective in the Women in games panel on Saturday from 12 noon to 1:45 pm at Room 103.

♥ Championship tournaments. There are multiple Finnish championships at steak throughout the convention – now is your chance to witness the very best in action at Ropecon. Tournaments will be held in Hall 3 throughout the convention weekend.

♥ Con tutors. A con tutor is an experienced attendee of Ropecon who’s mission is to help new attendees find their way around venue and get the most out of the convention. Attending a large convention all on your own can be a bit intimidating, so con tutors are there to provide you with guidance and encouragement, and get you started on your Ropecon adventure. Guided tours by con tutors will be held on Friday and Saturday, starting from the Safe Haven at Hall 3.

For the full program of Ropecon 2018 and further information for attendees, please visit Ropecon’s online program guide »

For the four of us, gaming has been not just a hobby but an important part of our lives. We have made many great friends within gaming communities. This convention is our way to thank all of you – the people attending, supporting, organising and making this year’s Ropecon happen.

We love you and you matter! See you at Ropecon!

Semi, Emi, Eevi and Kristiina