Ropecon is a great chance to test your own adventures with new players and receive valuable feedback. You can rerun great scenarios with new players, inspiring them and providing them with new ideas in the process. You can introduce new game systems and game worlds, gaining new insight yourself. Or, you can just enjoy running games for the fun of it!

The theme for Ropecon 2016 is called “Chaos and Order”. Are the characters led by the temptation of quick and easy solutions, or by the strict order and consideration in the face of challenges? How is the struggle of these opposing forces portrayed in the game; is one mightier than the other? What happens when these roles begin to blur and blend together and the ultimate order starts to gain chaotic features? We encourage you to be inspired by this year’s theme and to utilize it in your game, but it is not compulsory.

The Game Masters will receive a free weekend ticket by running eight hours of games during the event, or a one-day ticket by running four hours of games respectively. Game Masters will also be rewarded with loot: free role-playing stuff will be given out on Sunday. The more games you run, the higher you climb in the loot ladder!

Please sign up as a Game Master by June 30th, 2016.

If you have any questions about signing up as a Game Master, please contact us via email at