Experience Excitement, Learning, and Fun at Ropecon: Unveiling Our Guest of Honor Program Line-Up!

As we count down the days to this year’s Ropecon, we’re thrilled to unveil the spectacular line-up of our Guest of Honor Program. Our guests, the esteemed team from Shut Up & Sit Down (SU&SD) and the world-class miniature artist Roman Lappat, are ready to bring their unique energy, insights, and humor to our convention.


Immerse in Interactive Fun with Shut Up & Sit Down

Kickstart your Ropecon journey with the team at SU&SD. Join them for an entertaining Q&A session, where no question is too odd. Remember, the odder the question, the more fun the answer!


For those who relish humor and courtroom dramas, brace yourselves for the Shut Up & Sit Down’s Cardboard Courtroom. Our team of ”Legal Experts” will settle your game-related disputes with absolute hilarity. A spectacle not to miss!


And if you’ve ever wanted to witness a podcast being recorded live, the SU&SD Live Podcast is your golden ticket! Be a part of the candid discussions about games they’ve explored at the convention, and relish the unexpected detours that a live podcast entails.


Discover miniature artistry with Roman Lappat


For the artistically inclined, our Guest of Honor Roman Lappat has a series of workshops and discussions planned.


To get started on Friday, join Roman as he shares his journey through the world of miniature art in the Meet Roman Lappat session. A deep dive into his career, creative process, and vision for the future.


Learn to master the art of Atmospheric Painting with a workshop that guides you on reading and mixing primary colors and applying the knowledge to miniature painting.


If speed thrills you, the Mastering Speed Painting demonstration will leave you awestruck. Witness Roman’s deft hand and swift technique as he transforms a miniature in less than 15 minutes.


Roman’s unique approach to the craft shines in his Happy Painting approach to Miniature Art. Dive into the philosophy behind his work and liberate your artistic process from any guilt or constraints.


Newcomers to miniature art will find value in Roman’s talk on Kickstarting Your Journey as a Miniature Artist. He will share insights on beginning your journey and fostering confidence in your artistry.


Ropecon promises to be a medley of learning, fun, and inspiration, with our esteemed Guests of Honor leading the charge. Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast or an art lover, there’s something for everyone.


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