The speakers of Ropecon 2019 Academic Seminar: Characters and Figurines have finally been selected. This year, we will hear diverse and interesting talks ranging from miniature gaming to diversity of characters. The event will kick off with a keynote talk by Jon Peterson, a widely known author on the history of role-playing games, who will talk about the miniature wargaming roots of role-playing.

This year, the seminar will also be collaborating with the academic journal Simulation & Gaming (, which recently reached the honourable age of 50. It is the oldest still published scientific game studies journal in the world. The best papers from the seminar will be considered for inclusion in a special ’Ropecon Academic Proceedings’ symposium issue!

As the focus of the seminar is on working papers, we want to encourage discussion between presenters and the audience. Every paper will be presented for 10 minutes and discussed for 20 minutes. Therefore, full papers will be shared to all Ropecon 2019 Academic Seminar ticket holders so they can familiarize themselves with the papers in advance.

So how do I get to hear these awesome talks?

Anyone can purchase a ticket to the seminar, which includes coffee and lunch at no extra cost. All you have to do is to buy a Ropecon 2019 Academic Seminar ticket from the Ropecon ticket shop and fill in a short registration form for the academic seminar. The papers and further information will be provided closer to the event. Registration and ticket sales are open until the 14th of July.

Buy your ticket here:
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Register to the seminar here.

The full tentative program of Ropecon 2019 Academic Seminar can be found here.