Ropecon Gala returns! Along the years Gala has witnessed larp performances, dance, song, versatile humour and of course award ceremonies. This year the good old content is very welcome yet again! We also wish to find something entirely new.

This year we are inspired by talk show formats, which offer versatility to the structuring of performances, showcase the current game scene and recent events. Now there’s a chance to offer content such as videos, performances, thematic interviews or a combination. You can interview gamemakers or characters and showcase a tabletop game just as well as a larp.

So please offer Ropecon Gala game showcases, performance videos, fun sketches, performances, or something outside the box that might fit well to the format!

Please offer programme via email:  (Heading: Gala Programme) by June 9th.

About the Gala:

  • duration 1h
  • Announced by Elmeri Seppänen!
  • Separate numbers can last 3-6mins, which can be adjusted based on the final script and total amount of content.
  • Content included in the Gala will be confirmed the week after the end of the application period. Some agreements might be discussed even earlier.
  • The performances will have two rehearsals during Saturday – making participating as fluent as possible.
  • Background videos are produced on official technical specs provided by the production team. Information on lights, sounds and other technical aspects will be collected beforehand.
  • Taking part in the Gala programme does not award programme organizer perks.

Include in your application at least the following information:

  • description of programme content
  • the title of your content
  • who are the performers
  • suggestions for announcing your programme
  • preliminary requirement for tech (sound, light, video) 

Come along and create the most thrilling Gala with us!

For more information:

Vera Schneider / Spectacle coordinator

(photo: Petteri Pesonen)